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Slate coasters and pendants set by Musée de l’Ardoise


Using this workshop-set you can transform 4 slates (approx. 12 x 12 cm) into personalized coasters to drink in style a good bottle of festival-wine, beer or just your daily cup of coffee

create 4 slate-pendants for your personal leather necklaces to wear the festival-feeling all summer long.

On the 30th of May
you’ll find the corresponding tutorials on our social media accounts
with tips, tricks and ideas how to work it best.

 p.s. Slate is a natural product making each piece a unique one!



  • –  4x slate (approx. 12 x 12 cm)
  • –  4x big scratching nail
  • –  4x set of 4 buffers
  • –  4x slate-chip with a hole
  • –  4x abrasive paper
  • –  4x polishing paper
  • –  4x knotted leather necklace

(glass not included!)


Delivery: between 28.05.2020 and -30.05.2020


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