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Kollibri a.s.b.l.

14, rue Jean Jacques Klein
L – 8808 Arsdorf


The entrance for people under 16 years is free!

Box office: 1- Day-Ticket: 35€  (only 200 tickets per day available)

Kulturpass: 1,50€

Free entry: under 16 years

Note: The number of day-tickets is limited! First come first serve!

Opening hours saturday

Site : 16.00 – 03.00
Concerts: 17.00 – 02.30
Exposition : 16.00 – 21.00
Creators Market: 16.00 – 21.00
Family Programme : 17.00 – 00.00

Opening hours sunday

Site : 12.00 – 01.00
Concerts: 14.00 – 01.00
Exposition : 14.00 – 21.00
Creators Market: 14.00 – 21.00
Family  Programme : 13.00 – 20.00

Queries : info@kollanaktioun.lu
Music : music@kollanaktioun.lu
Market, Exposition : localmarket@kollanaktioun.lu
Press : presse@kollanaktioun.lu
Partnerships : marketing@kollanaktioun.lu

Festival Site

Full programme

Getting to Koll an Aktioun


Parking fee

1 person per car: 5 €

2 persons per car: 3 €

3 persons per car: 2 €

4+ persons per car: 0 €

When you come by car, please think about carpooling. This is way more fun and as you see, it has also an impact on our price policy!


Dogs are not allowed:

Attention! As in 2019, for safety and animal welfare reasons dogs are not allowed at the festival.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility:

The festival site is accessible for people with reduced mobility. There are, however, some areas that might be harder to access. There will be parking in front of the main entrance.

By car:

When you come by car, please think about carpooling

So that other people can drive with you and the way to Haut-Martelange will be much more pleasant! 

By bike

The Koll an Aktioun can easily be reached via the cycle tracks. As a former railroad, the PC18 leads directly past the festival. Among others, one can reach the site via the following cycle tracks.

Via Luxembourg: PC1 – PC13 – PC12 – PC17 – PC18

Via Ettelbruck: PC15 – PC12 – PC17 – PC18

Via Esch/Alzette: PC8 – PC6 – PC12 – PC17 – PC18

By bus

For those preferring to reach the Koll an Aktioun by public transportation, there are buses that pass by the festival from various directions. The bus stop “Martelange, Leekoll” is about 100 metres from the site, so the bus will practically bring you to the door of the festival. The following buses pass the bus stop:

590: Luxembourg-Tentange-Martelange

622: Wiltz – Harlange – Martelange

805: Perlé – Rambrouch – Ettelbruck

819: Martelange – Colmar/Usines

From Arlon central station: 520 until “Colpach-Bas, Schlass”, from there 590 direction “Martelange, Gare”

Sustainable commitments

Koll an Aktioun aims to be an eco-responsible festival. For this reason, most of the food served at the festival is organically grown and/or locally produced. Do not hesitate to ask the suppliers directly at the stands.

As for the drinks, they are all local and/or organic. The furniture and decoration are mostly handmade and often recycled. No disposable tableware is used on the site. The distribution of advertising gadgets is prohibited. We are also committed to reducing our printed material and printing on recycled paper only. If you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to approach the team.

Safety rules

The parents are completely liable for their children. The dogs are not allowed on the festival ground. The waste and cigarette stubs must be put in the rubbish bin or the


To guarantee the safety of all the people on the festival, the following items are

completely forbidden: Arms, drugs, pointed objects and all other illegal items.

Violence, hate, racism and sexism are not tolerated on the festival!

The organisation has the right to exclude people from the festival, that show

aggressive or disrespectful behavior.

Witness or victim of inappropriate behavior? Tell it to the security people or the

Koll an Aktioun staff.